Introducing the
Rubicon Carbon Tonne™

The Rubicon Carbon Tonne (RCT) is backed by a diversified portfolio of carbon credits designed to reduce risk and increase optionality for ambitious corporate buyers.

Available as a curated, off-the-shelf, diversified, and actively managed portfolio or as a customized portfolio tailored to your needs, the RCT allows buyers to own the option to retire credits from a portfolio immediately or at any time until maturity.

Navigating the market for carbon credits is a complex endeavor

The RCT is unique in that it combines the tools, logic and lessons of finance with first-rate carbon science, thus de-risking carbon credit procurement and enabling a new wave of investment in climate action.

Tom Montag, CEO, Rubicon Carbon

The Rubicon Carbon Tonne has numerous features that reduce risks for carbon credit buyers. 

The Rubicon Carbon Tonne can help reduce costs for companies focused on sustainability.

RCTs can be built, priced, and tracked through our self-service platform.

Reduce Risks and Procurement Costs:

Through the RCT, clients get access to numerous best-in-class projects without incurring the costs of in-house expertise required to perform extensive project-by-project due diligence. In addition, clients can choose to add our novel risk-adjustment feature to mitigate potential over-crediting.

Buy Today, Retire Tomorrow:

As more companies approach their net zero deadlines, the demand for carbon credits is expected to increase, with many analysts anticipating carbon credit prices will rise. By purchasing RCTs today, buyers allow themselves the opportunity to reserve credits and save rather than risk overpaying tomorrow.

Future-Proof Your Net Zero Strategy:

Many corporate sustainability departments face high uncertainty over their emissions’ trajectory. By purchasing RCTs, companies can secure supply to protect against unexpected scenarios while ensuring their net zero goals stay on track.