Committed to serving
our clients and the planet.

Our Values


We're here to make a difference in the fight against climate change.


Collaboration, support, and transparency help us achieve more. 


Thriving in a changing industry, we optimize for the present.


We take responsibility for our commitments and pride in our work.


Challenging the status quo, we innovate for our team and planet.


We never give up, striving to make a positive change. 

Our Team

Led by world-renowned climate scientists and finance executives, we bring an unrivaled level of expertise.

Dr. Jennifer Jenkins

Chief Science Officer

Chris Brown

Head of Rubicon Capital

Sara Xi

Chief Product Officer

Marc Garfinkle

Head of Portfolio Management

Sally Dang

Chief Accounting Officer

Mike Cipresso

Chief Commercial Officer

Andre Ferreira

Head of Strategy and 
Business Operations

Jessica Zurmuhle

Head of People Operations

Glade Jacobsen

General Counsel

Amishi Kumar Claros

Head of Industrial and CDR Research

Dr. Brian Clough

Director of Research

Kim DuBose

Director of Science and Sustainability

Dr. Nan Pond

Head of Nature-Based Research 
and Monitoring

Anne Finucane

Rubicon Chair of the Board, former Vice Chair at Bank of America


Addressing climate change requires a united front. At Rubicon Carbon, we strongly believe in the urgency of taking immediate action to accelerate climate initiatives. Led by a world-class leadership team with backgrounds in finance, sustainability, technology, and carbon markets, Rubicon Carbon is building the next generation of carbon solutions. If you are a highly motivated individual passionate about climate technology, join us in our mission to safeguard our planet and secure a sustainable future for generations to come.