Every Company Must Answer The Planetary Call To Action.

Today, the impact of climate change is undeniable. From natural disasters to rising sea levels, climate-change induced planetary changes are increasingly evident. Companies have a responsibility to take action and work towards creating a more sustainable future for generations to come.

Sample projects in the
Rubicon Carbon Tonnes™ portfolios

Sample projects in the Rubicon Carbon Tonnes™ portfolios

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Navigating the market for carbon credits is a complex endeavor

Not all carbon projects are created equal.

When done well, carbon projects can represent a win-win for companies, communities, and suppliers. At Rubicon Carbon, our scientists conduct due diligence processes that go above and beyond published standards. Examining everything from additionality, baseline measurement and financial management, we ensure projects meet the highest level of quality and integrity. 

We then create portfolios of these projects called the Rubicon Carbon Tonne™.  

Global Supply Pipeline

Project developer due diligence
Identify target credit types with durability and low risk to additionality assessing multiple factors including project type, methodology, geography, and vintage
Additional project-level assessments
Individual project-level engagement leveraging independent third-party analysis, satellite monitoring, and developer engagement
Rubicon Carbon Approved Projects
Active management and monitoring of Rubicon Carbon Tonnes offering broad, diversified exposure to a range of underlying carbon projects

The Rubicon Carbon Tonne™(RCT) de-risks and simplifies carbon credit procurement

The RCT offers numerous benefits compared to traditional carbon credit acquisition, including

Risk-Adjusted Portfolio Approach

We take care of project procurement and strict due diligence through
our carefully curated and high-quality portfolios of diversified projects.

Active Management

Our active management allows us to monitor and remove projects that fail to continue to meet high standards. Furthermore, clients only take custody when they retire credits.

Project Discounting & Over-Retirement

We use scientifically rigorous processes to measure the environmental impact of our projects. Then, we retire additional credits to compensate for any over-crediting.
Sample Projects of Carbon Removals RCT
Biochar Project
Mangrove Restoration
Blue Carbon

The Rubicon Carbon Tonne™ harnesses the power of a portfolio approach to carbon credit procurement & management

Rubicon Carbon’s unique approach allows for clients to purchase from portfolios of different types of greenhouse gas emissions reductions and avoidance projects.

Nature Based Emission Reduction

Emission reduction through preservation and restoration of natural carbon sinks such as forests, peatlands, and mangroves

Credit Type
Forestry and wilderness conservation

Industrial Emission Reduction

Industrial emission reduction through technologies including landfill methane capture, clean chemicals switching, and reduction of fugitive GHGs

Credit Type
Industrial emission reduction solutions (e.g., landfill methane capture, HFC reclamation)

Carbon Removal

Access to carbon removal solutions leveraging innovative technologies
Credit Type

Carbon capture via a blended portfolio including ARR, mangrove restoration, biochar, and biomass with carbon removal and storage


Build Your Own Portfolio

Credit Type
Offsets from projects from across credit types reflecting the interests and priorities of your business.