The Risk-Adjusted Carbon Credit Portfolio Has Arrived.

Introducing the Voluntary Carbon Market 2.0

Rubicon Carbon leverages scientific & proven financial innovation to simplify and de-risk investments in carbon credits


Rubicon Carbon stands at the forefront of the carbon market evolution, underpinned by a substantial capital investment from TPG Rise Climate. Our distinct capability to invest in and develop significant carbon removal and avoidance projects worldwide positions us to usher in a new era of sustainable industry, beneficial for our ecosystem of clients, project developers, and investors.


At Rubicon Carbon, we combine the expertise of our renowned scientists with the latest Earth observation technology to uphold superior quality standards in our carbon credit portfolio. We provide clients with peace of mind through our proactive portfolio management and risk adjustment approach, designed to ensure climate impact and enhance credibility.


We believe that, with a toolset built on the latest technologies, the voluntary carbon market can be an indispensable tool to fight the worst consequences of climate change. To that end, we are committed to driving forward that innovation to ensure credits are credible, buying is easy, and environmental impact is assured.

Rubicon Carbon Is A Trusted Ally Of:

The Rubicon Carbon Team Combines Expertise Across Finance and Science

Dr. Jennifer Jenkins

Chief Science Officer

Anne Finucane

Chair of the Board

Rubicon Carbon is backed by TPG Rise Climate, part of TPG’s Global Impact investing platform. Rubicon Carbon benefits from TPGs extensive portfolio and expertise in clean energy, carbon markets, and climate solutions.



The US Government Voices its Support for VCM 2.0

By Drs. Jen Jenkins and Brian Clough Late last month, a coalition of Federal agencies in the United States issued a Joint Policy Statement outlining principles for voluntary carbon markets....